24 4 / 2014

This day marks the day I started my first job- a proper full time, PAYING job. I got my own business card with my name on it (which my mom proudly displayed on her fridge), and my own email address, and my own work station and my own access card!!! Damn was I happy. 

I made the daunting decision of moving far, far away from home, comfort, familiarity & friends - where I knew nobody, had no friends and everything was foreign (including the stuff in the fridge of my rented apartment). It’s been 6 years since I’ve been in Penang and alot has happened. Different boyfriends, different apartments, different housemates, numerous houseparties, clubbing every other day, hangovers, laughters, tears, fights & make ups.

It has been one hell of a ride! I’m glad I took this step- of moving thousands of miles away from home. I had to make new friends, venture out, explore & discover, learn to do things alone, operate a washing machine, buy groceries, learn to cook and manage my finances.

My only regret- I wish I had saved up more (cos i went crazy everytime i got my paycheck). 


22 4 / 2014

It’s official! I have my first Tumblr account. And my first post! After almost a year of procrastination, consideration, thinking and figuring out which would be the easiest platform to use- I settled on tumblr. Why? It’ll be a month and a half before I turn 29 (The last of the 20s!) and I’d like to chronicle the next 10 years of staying alive on cyberspace.